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Health insurance

Health insurance

Each student in Germany is subjected to mandatory health insurance according to § 5 section 1 nr. 9 Social Security Statute Book (SGB) V.
For this reason, according to § 18 section 2 nr. 3 of the Act on the Autonomy of the Universities in the Free State of Saxony (SächsHSFG), a health insurance certificate (generally of a statutory health insurance company) has to be obligatorily submitted for enrolment.

Please find further information regarding the obligatory health insurance certificate by reading the Information leaflet concerning health insurance.

Not recognized as proof of health insurance covering are:

  • the health insurance card or a copy of it
  • a "confirmation of membership"
  • certificates of private health insurances

The information about enrolment to health insurance company will be done by student service of TU Chemnitz.

Change of health insurance during studies

In the case of change of health insurance by the student or by the relative in whose health insurance covering he is included, the student has to submit a new certificate of health insurance to the Student Service without any delay.

Please pay attention to the fact that the non-submission of the new health insurance certificate causes the de-enrolment according to § 18 section 2 nr. 3 in conjunction with § 21 section 1 nr. 8 of the Act on Universities in the Free State of Saxony (SächsHSFG).

A student might be de-enrolled also in the case that he does not fulfill his obligations towards the health insurance company (e.g. payment of insurance premium).

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