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With the teaching coaching, the HDS is expanding its offer for habilitated professors, heads of working groups and laboratories, junior professors, holders of tenure track positions and newly appointed professors. With individual advice from external coaches, you will be supported and accompanied in your teaching development.

Further information is available on the HDS website and, of course, from our team at any time.



The last few metres to a professorship and the first steps as a professor are some of the toughest on the academic career path. The HDS teaching coaching offers habilitated professors, heads of working groups and laboratories, junior professors, holders of tenure-track positions and newly appointed professors (up to 12 months after appointment) an opportunity tailored to their individual needs to work on challenging teaching-related tasks and teaching development projects.

The offer addresses the specific role and task profile of the above-mentioned target groups and enables individual competence development around the topic of teaching.  

Possible topics and concerns that can be addressed in the context of teaching coaching:

  • reflect on your own teaching and teaching development processes in a trusting setting,
  • better understanding of student learning,
  • recognise and analyse the causes of subject-specific obstacles to learning,
  • jointly develop tailor-made didactic solutions for subject-specific challenges in teaching,
  • reflecting on one's own teaching philosophy and support in developing an authentic teaching style,
  • clarifying one's own role in teaching and learning in the context of other role expectations (e.g. research, academic self-administration),
  • support in complex teaching development projects (e.g. curriculum development),
  • support in dealing with conflictual processes related to teaching and teaching organisation.


On the HDS website, the eight coaches introduce themselves with their focus and motivations and approaches.
If teaching coaching has aroused your interest, please feel free to contact our team on site.