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Professur für Mess- und Sensortechnik

Welcome at the Professorship
Measurement and Sensor Technology

Springer 2021

Springer 2021

Springer 2021

Degruyter 2021

Electronics 2021, 10(23), 2929

Sensors 2021, 21(12), 4131

Selection of the last publications of the MST-Team

Recent Publicationen:

  1. A. Bouhamed et al.: Customizing hydrothermal properties of inkjet printed sensitive films by functionalization of carbon nanotubes, Nanotechnology, Volume 32, Issue 10, 5 March 2021, Article number 105708
  2. O. Kanoun et al.: Energy-aware system design for autonomous wireless sensor nodes: A comprehensive review, Sensors, Volume 21, Issue 2, 2 January 2021, Article number 548, Pages 1-25
  3. O. Kanoun et al.: Review on conductive polymer/CNTs nanocomposites based flexible and stretchable strain and pressure sensors, Sensors, Volume 21, Issue 2, 2 January 2021, Article number 341, Pages 1-29
  4. R. Munjal et al.: Multifrequency Inductive Sensor System for Classification of Bimetallic Coins, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Volume 70, 2021, Article number 9154531
  5. A. Oshchepkov et al.: Naphthalimide-Based Fluorescent Polymers for Molecular Detection, Advanced Optical Materials 2021
  6. S. Nasraoui et al.: Electrochemical sensor for nitrite detection in water samples using flexible laser-induced graphene electrodes functionalized by CNT decorated by Au nanoparticles, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 880, 1 January 2021, Article number 114893