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Professur für Mess- und Sensortechnik

Welcome at the Professorship Measurement and Sensor Technology

Started in June 2020 (Link)

Aktuelle Publikationen:

  1. R. Ramalingame, D. Farias Alves, R. Bautista-Quijano, O. Kanoun: "Temperature Self-Compensated Strain Sensors based on MWCNT-Graphene Hybrid Nanocomposite", Journal of Composites Science. - MDPI AG. - 3. 2019, 4, S. 96 - 110 (Open Access)
  2. S. Khriji, D. El Houssaini, I. Kammoun, K. Besbes, O. Kanoun: "Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithm Based on Localization and Clustering Techniques for Agricultural Applications", IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, Vol. 34, Iss. 3, March 2019, pp 56 - 66
  3. R. Ramalingame et. al.: "Flexible piezoresistive sensor matrix based on a carbon nanotube PDMS composite for dynamic pressure distribution measurement", J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 8, 1-7, 2019