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Physik: Optik und Photonik kondensierter Materie


Processing and Screening

Glovebox System (P114a)

3-chamber glovebox system from GS with nitrogen atmosphere funded by DFG
  • preparation box with Spin Coater, hot plates, balance
  • transfer box with direct access to two evaporators Univex 350G from Leybold:
    • Audi (thermal evaporation of organic semiconductors and metals)
    • BMW ("beamer"; e-beam and thermal evaporation of metals)
  • characterisation box with current-voltage measurements (SMU Keithley 236) and external quantum efficiency (Monochromator Bentham TM300, Spectroradiometer System Bentham 200Series, SR DSP830 lock-in amplifier)
separate processing glovebox from M.Braun for perovskite processing
  • spin coater (Laurell WS–400)
  • programmable hot stage
  • analytical balance

Chem Labs (P105a and P106)

  • 2 wet benches with ultrasonic bath etc.
  • spin coater (Laurell WS–400)
  • vacuum oven
  • ogygen plasma cleaner Diener Zepto
  • transmission spectrometer (Cary 100 UV-Vis)
  • PL spectrometer (Cary Eclipse)
  • contact angle measurements (DataPhysics OCA)

Microscopy (P104)

  • Laser Scanning (Fluorescence) Microscope Zeiss LSM 510
  • Scanning Force Microscope (Anfatec Level AFM)


Confocal Optical Spectroscopy (P104)

for temperature dependent single molecule spectroscopy, photoluminescence and photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy, and transient photoluminescence
laser scan setup:
  • supercontinuum laser NKT EXR–15 (450 - 2400 nm, up to 80 MHz)
  • SELECTplus AOTF filter system (wavelength selection from 450 to 1400 nm)
  • galvo laser scanning unit (up to 100 µm x 100 µm)
  • microscope cryostat Janis ST500 (7 K to 300 K)
  • Zeiss 63x LWD objective
  • Princeton Acton monochromator/spectrometer
  • MPD single photon avalanche detector (instrument response function of laser scan setup: 25 ps)
sample scan setup:
  • laserdiode 465 nm Picoquant LDH-P-C–470 (up to 80 MHz)
  • microscope cryostat Janis ST500 (7 K to 300 K) with Attocube x-y-z piezo stage (with mm range) inside
  • alternatively, PiezoJena with µm range
  • detectors:
    • 2x APDs Excellitas SPCM-AQRH
    • Andor Newton Spectrometer
    • Andor iXUS 2d-CCD Camera
  • objective Zeiss EC Epiplan/NEOFLUAR 100x 0.9 DIC

(Quasi-)Steady State Current Spectroscopy (P104)

for temperature and illumination dependent current-voltage, external quantum efficiency, electroluminescence, and thermally stimulated currents measurements
  • closed cycle optical cryostate (CryoVac Spectro) with load-lock for direct transport of samples from glovebox without oxygen exposure
  • QTH lamp (100W LOT-QD)
  • ND filter wheels, range OD 0.0 ... 9.0 (Thorlabs FW102C+FW212C)
  • double monochromator (LOT-QD DK242)
  • one Zurich Instruments HF2-LI and one SRS830DSP lock-in amplifier
  • SMU Keithley 2635A
  • spectrograph (Princeton Instruments SpectraPro (f=500mm)) with Si and InGaAs CCD (PyLoN-IR) arrays for visible to near infrared range
  • Nd:YAG cw-Laser 5W, 532 nm (Spectra-Physics Millenia Pro)
  • Keithley Picoammeter
  • Keithley digital multimeter

Spider: Cryo Probe Station (P104)

for Transistor Measurements and Defect Spectroscopy: Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy and Impedance Spectroscopy
  • cryo probe station Janis ST500 with load-lock for direct transport of samples from glovebox without oxygen exposure
  • impedance analyser Zurich Instruments MF-IA with MF-MD option
  • SMU Keithley 2634
  • voltage pulse generator Keysight 33600A
  • 16 bit digitizer card

Fast I4 (IV/IMPS/IMVS/IS) Setup (P104)

  • impedance analyser Zurich Instruments MF-IA with MF-MD and MF-F5M options
    • voltage pulse generator Keysight 33500B
    • laser “Lazy”: Omicron A350 diode laser with fast analogue modulation

Slow IV/IMPS/IMVS/IS Setup (P104)

  • electrochemical workstation Zahner Zennium Pro with HiZ probe set

Pulsed Laser

  • laser “Death Star”: Quanta-Ray INDI from Spectra-Physics, 65 mJ/pulse @ 355 nm, 20 Hz repetition rate and optical parametric oscillator BasiScan from Spectra-Physics covering visible and nearinfrared emission wavelengths. For Transient Current Spectroscopy (P105)

Ultrafast Spectroscopy (P105)

pulsed laser for optical and electro-optical pump-probe spectroscopy
  • laser "Femto": fs-laser Pharos 20 W (1020 nm, 290 fs) from Light Conversion with variable repetition rate, optimised for 50 kHz with 400 µJ pulse energy, down to single shot
  • 50/50 beam splitter with optical parametric amplifiers (Orpheus and Lyra from Light Conversion)
  • pump: variable wavelength from 315 nm to 2600 nm
  • probe: variable wavelength from 315 nm to 16000 nm
  • delay line for probe laser for time delays from 1 ps to 1,7 ns
fast PL detector unit
  • PL streak camera Hamamatsu C10910-05 for detection from 200 nm to 950 nm
  • Syncroscan unit to automatically synchronise with the Pharos Laser for experiments with high repetition rates
  • single sweep unit for single shot measurements
  • 16 bit digitiser up to 1 ms, with time resolution 1 ps
transient absorption detector units
  • monochromator with infrared detector (DoroTek) from 2000 nm to 14000 nm
  • spectrograph with 2D InGaAs Infrared CCD (Hamamtasu G11608) from 500nm to 1700 nm
  • lock-in amplifier
This project is co-financed by the DFG and tax money on the basis of the budget resources approved by the members of the Landtag of Saxony

Transient Current Spectroscopy (P105)

for time-of-flight photocurrent and time delayed collection field measurements
  • laser excitation by fs laser “Femto” (see above) or ns laser “Death Star” (by hole-in-wall excitation from P104)
    • closed cycle optical cryostate (CryoVac Spectro) with load-lock for direct transport of samples from glovebox without oxygen exposure
    • voltage pulse generator Keysight 81160A
    • transimpedance amplifier FEMTO DHPCA–100
    • 8 bit oscilloscope Waverunner LeCroy 610Zi, 1 GHz, 20 GSa/s
    • 12 bit digitizer GaGe CS121G2, 500 MHz, 1 GSa/s