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Professur Wirtschaftsmathematik
David Müller

M. Sc. David Müller

+49 371 531 31268
+49 371 531 22409
Reichenhainer Str. 41, Zimmer 704


Curriculum Vitae

2006 Abitur in Mannheim

University of Mannheim, Faculty of Economics

Degree: Bachelor in Economics

Bachelor thesis: Do election dates effect the credit payments of the European Investmentbank?


TU Chemnitz

Degree: Master in Finance

Master thesis: Algorithmic price and quantity adjustment in oligopoly markets with capital structure

since 2016 scientific assistant, Professorship Wirtschaftsmathematik, Faculty of Mathematics, TU Chemnitz

Research Interests

  • Price dynamics and algorithmic behavior of market participants using optimization methods
  • Conjugate duality in economics
  • Finding economic equilibria in the framework of convex optimization
  • Duality in game theory
  • Political economics/Public finance
  • Machine Learning and Optimization



  • Vaubel, Roland; Klingen, Bernhard; Müller, David. There is life after the Commission: An empirical analysis of private interest representation by former EU commissioners, 1981 - 2009. The Review of International Organizations, 2012, 7. Jg., Nr. 1, S. 59-80.


Conferences / Workshops / Schools

  • Spring Course in Epistemic Game Theory 2017, Maastricht, Netherlands, June 2017
  • Workshop Optimization, Big Data and Applications, Veroli, Italy, July 2017



  • Winter Semester 2018

Exercise: Mathematische Modelle in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften[Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shikhman]

  • Earlier teaching activities

Exercise: Mathematik I für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler [Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shikhman]

Exercise: Mathematik II für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler [Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shikhman]