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Professur Datenverwaltungssysteme

Professur Datenverwaltungssysteme

Question Answering Session in Advanced Management of Data 2022-01-20
There will be a question answering session in AMD on 2022-02-03 (last regular lecture date in this semester). Feel free to ask any questions related to lecture, exercise and exam project task.
Exam Advanced Management of Data 2022-01-06
There will be no regular written exam in this semester. Instead, the exam will consist of a project task with term paper and presentation. The project task description got released on 2022-01-06 during the official lecture time and is available here at the website. There is also a file with frequently asked questions and answers, which might be updated from time to time (current state: 2022-01-27).

If you already passed the exam in a past semester, you may follow the steps to take this exam instead of Datenbanken und Objektorientierung.
PVL Datenbanken Grundlagen 2022-01-05
Ab sofort sind die Aufgaben für die Prüfungsvorleistung für Datenbanken Grundlagen auf der Professurwebseite sowie der OPAL Gruppe verfügbar.
Lecture and Exercises Advanced Management of Data 2021-10-01
There won't be a real lecture on Advanced Management of Data in this winter semester. Instead there are all lecture slides available for self study on this website. The official lecture time, Thursday from 15:30 to 17:00, will be used for weekly online exercises in BigBlueButton. For better communication there is an OPAL-Group. We start with the beginning of the official lecture time, so the first exercise will be on Thursday the 2021-10-14.
Vorlesung und Übungen Datenbanken Grundlagen 2021-09-13
Die Vorlesung Datenbanken Grundlagen findet dieses WS21/22 als digitale Veranstaltung statt. Die Materialen finden Sie in unserer Lehre oder im OPAL-Kurs zum Selbstsstudium. Im Vorlesungsslot Mittwochs 11:30 bis 13:00 findet die zentrale Übungseinheit in diesem BBB Raum statt. Den offiziellen OPAL-Kurs finden Sie hier.
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