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Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Faculty Committee

Faculty Committee

Legislative period 01.04.2019 - 31.03.2022


Board meetings in summer term 2019
Board meeting on: File documents ...
10.04.2019 , at 2:00 p.m. no later than 29.03.2019
08.05.2019 , at 2:00 p.m. no later than 26.04.2019
05.06.2019 , at 2:00 p.m. no later than 24.05.2019
03.07.2019 , at 2:00 p.m. no later than 21.06.2019


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anja Strobel Prof.
Univ.-Prof. Claudia Voelcker-Rehage
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Henning Laux
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Milani
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Georg Jahn
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Frank Asbrock
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Papsdorf
Academic staff
Dr. Franziska Bocklisch
Dr. Wolf Gawin
Other staff
Manuela Reinhold
Equal opportunity representative
Dr. Alexandra Götze
Anne Zeiler
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bertolt Meyer ( Dean of Studies Psychology)
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Hertwig ( Dean of Studies Sociology)
Prof. Dr. Peter Sedlmeier ( promotion Affairs )
Dr. Julia Augustijn ( Dean’s Council / Protocol)
Dr. Frank Mühlhausen ( Employees in the deanery )
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Maiwald ( Institute Director IHMSA)

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