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Professur Mess- und Sensortechnik



"Succeeding my master Thesis" : 8-July-2019

"Introduction to Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Methods" : 28-June-2019

"Electrochemical growth of Prussian Blue Layers" : 17-April-2019

"Advances in Mobile Telemedicine and IOT (Internet of Things) for the Well-Being of the Elderly" : 26-February-2019


"Impedence measurement tutorial" : 25-September-2018

"Phase boundaries and cell potentials" : 25-September-2018

"Unidirectional vs. Bidirectional WSNs in the Era of IoT" : 25-June-2018

"Challenges and requirements for the application of industry 4.0 and consequences in manufacturing" : 25-June-2018

"MEMS technologies and sensor examples for industry, mobility and smart environment" : 22-June-2018

"Application of Wireless Sensor Networks to Environmental Monitoring for Sustainable Mobility: the NETCHIP Research Project" : 22-June-2018

"IoT for Healthcare - Smart Physical Therapy" : 22-June-2018

"Sensors for IoT - Application to Pervasive Water Monitoring" : 22-June-2018

"Practical Applications of Deep Learning - a hands-on MATLAB workshop" : 21-June-2018

"The Future of Internet of Things & RFID for a Sustainable Environment" : 21-June-2018

"Next Generation Wireless Energy Aware Sensors for the Internet of Things" : 21-June-2018

"Research Project and Master Thesis" : 9-June-2018

"Component selection and PCB design" : 29-April-2018


"Know Orientation No Failure" : 10-December-2017

"The role of Nonlinear Dynamics in Autonomous Measurement Systems" : 27-November-2017

"Layer by layer enabled electrodes for electrochemical sensing" : 24-November-2017

"Networking" : 5-July-2017

"Vibrational energy harvesting in bistable systems and structures" : 13-June-2017