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TU Chemnitz Graduate School of Mathematics

Math at TUC - where you make the difference

The TU Chemnitz Graduate school of mathematics is the virtual home of our graduate and postdoc students here at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Technische Universität Chemnitz.

We are actively recruiting talented students for our graduate programs. The research of our faculty spans a broad range of mathematics, see e.g. here

You can apply for our Integrated International Master and PhD Program in Mathematics. For students who already hold a Masters degree see the link How to apply.

Our graduates have done superbly, in academia and in industry. Once you're accepted, we will try to be helpful in getting you settled in. There are no tuition fees, just a small administrative fee, covering local transportation and subsidized meals at the students cafeteria.

 Secretary: Ms H. Weichelt

Postal address:
 Faculty of Mathematics
 Technische Universität Chemnitz
 09107 Chemnitz, GERMANY

Helpful links:
International Office
Forschungsakademie (sorry, only in german)

PhD seminar

In this seminar, graduate students present each other their research or related issues. The intend is to give an insight in the current problems of the various research groups in our department. Therefore, the speakers are encouraged to adjust the level of details in their talk. Each talk should take 20 to 60 minutes.

Even though the seminar primarily addresses PhD students, we also welcome interested master students and postdocs.

For up-to-date information and announcements you may join the PhD seminar mailing list.

Thursday, 13:45–15:15



Schedule for summer term 2018

Date Name Title
Thomas Jahn
Organizatonal meeting
What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Circumcenters
19.04.2018 Holger Langenau Where hypergeometric series fail
26.04.2018 Robert Nasdala The hunt for volume formulas of strange-looking unit balls
03.05.2018 Ruben Schlotter Time-(in)consistent Decision Making
24.05.2018 Christian Rose
(!) begin is 9.15 am
Pure point spectrum for Schrödinger operators on manifolds
07.06.2018 Holger Langenau Square. Practical. NP-hard.
21.06.2018 Tobias Hofmann Minimal integral cycle bases
28.06.2018 Martin Winter Duality in cone optimization
05.07.2018 Jean Daniel Mukam Strong convergence of the exponential Rosenbrock-Euler method for semilinear SPDe driven by mutliplicative noise