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Prof. Hamker with the new NAO
Nao has arrived.
The Icub-Head
The ICub-Head
Koala Robot
The Koala Robot makes his first moves.
The K-Junior Pack
The K-Junior Robots are useful in education.

Selected Publications

Antonelli, M., Gibaldi, A., Beuth, F., Duran, A. J., Canessa, A., Chessa, M., Solari, F., del Pobil, P., Hamker, F., Chinellato, E., Sabatini, S. P.
A hierarchical system for a distributed representation of the peripersonal space of a humanoid robot
IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development (2014). 6(4):259 - 273. doi: 10.1109/TAMD.2014.2332875