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Professur Elektrochemische Sensorik und Energiespeicherung


Group Seminars Magneto-ionic materials and Nanoelectrodeposition

Date Presenter


11.06.2024 Dr. Pravarthana Dhanapal (IIT Indore, India)

All Solid-State Lithium Ionics Controlled On/Off Magnetic Skyrmions in Magnetic Multilayers

23.05.2024 Dr. Liza Herrera Diez (CNRS, France) Oxygen-based magneto-ionics: mechanisms, recent developments and perspectives (GdCH Colloquium)
Dr. Philippe Allongue (CNRS, France) and group members First ERC Group Workshop: Nanoelectrochemistry meets Magnetism: Highlights by Dr. Allongue: (1) Voltage control of magnetism at Co/electrolyte interface, (2) About the oxygen evolution reaction at electrodeposited Co3O4 (111) epitaxial layers. See full agenda here: Agenda
23.04.2024 Danny Quint (TUC) Epitaktisches Wachstum und Magnetismus in elektrodeponierten FeOx/Fe/GaAs(001)-Schichten (Verteidigung der Masterarbeit)

Ben Billinger (TUC)

Einfluss der Schichtdicke und Sputterspannung auf den magneto-ionischen Effekt von Eisen-Dünnschichten (Defence of the Master Thesis)


Anna Ullrich

Elektrochemische Modifizierung elektrodeponierter Ni-Fe-Schichten und -Nanodots (Defence of the Master Thesis)
19.10.2023 Markus Gößler, TUC

Magneto-ionic control of coercivity and domain-wall velocity in Co/Pd-multilayers (Joint Online-Seminar with the Hellwig group, MAGFUN)


previous seminars:

Date Presenter Title
08.12.2022 Anna Ullrich, TUC Pulsed Electrodeposition of Fe-Ni nanodots
24.11.2022 Markus Gößler, Maksim Kutuzau, Shashank Honnali,TUC + IFW Dresden Review of MMM 2022
17.11.2022 Martin Nichterwitz, TUC Magneto-ionic control of magnetoresistance in FeOx/Fe-based films and coated aerogels

Danny Quint, TUC

Hydrogen electrolysis, fuell cell, and electrochemical hydrogenation of Pd

03.11.2022 Karin Leistner, TUC Electrochemical hydrogenation of Ni

Maximilian Staubitzer, TUC

Anionenleiter als Elektrolyte für die Elektrochemie von Fe in KOH


Ben Billinger, TUC

Aspects of Self-terminated Electrodeposition of Fe

22.09.2022 Chiemeziem Anele,
DLR Oldenburg
Analysis of purification methods for hydrogen with different impurities as expected after storage in salt caverns
15.09.2022 Karin Leistner, Markus Gößler, TUC Impressions from SSI-23, Boston, MA

Shashank Honnali, 
IFW Dresden

Fabrication and magnetic properties of nanodot arrays
23.06.2022 Martin Nichterwitz, TUC Review of the Fischer Symposium (meeting on Nanoscale Electrochemistry) at Kloster Seeon
09.06.2022 Maksim Kutuzau, TUC Publication review: Electrostatic vs. Electrochemical response (publication in APL Mater. by Chris Leighton)


Arbeitskreis Elektrochemie Sachsen (AKES)

33. Seminar 14.07.2022 am Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme in Dresden, Programm

32. Seminar 19.11.2021 in Freiberg/online, Programm