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MERGE Technology Centre

MERGE Technology Centre

In order to bring scientists together and for the merging of technology processes, a new building, the "MERGE Technology Centre" (MTC) at the Technology Campus, is scheduled to be built within the framework of the MERGE project. The MTC requires versatile facilities with user-specific equipment, The MTC is to include interlinked manufacturing cells, versatile processing areas and modular system concepts for the merged manufacture of multifunctional lightweight structures.

The design of the MTC equips the scientists with an unobstructed view into all technological areas of research and processing, and enable the researchers in the different disciplines to maintain eye contact with one another.

The flexible and open structures of the MTC will offer high-tech incubator conditions for the creation of new start-up enterprises in the field of merged technologies. The completion and testing of in-line and in-situ processes will take place in the MTC. The special manufacturing modules necessary for the merging of technologies will be financed by the MERGE Cluster, the Free State of Saxony and the TUC will provide the necessary infrastructure, and in particular the necessary facilities. This includes the construction of the new MTC building at the Technology Campus with capacities for around 100 scientists and technology laboratories of approx. 2,500 m², dedicated to the Cluster.

An early interdisciplinary orientation of the departments at TUC, its affiliated institutes and Fraunhofer Institutes has led to the development of hybrid technologies based on fundamental textile, plastic and metal processes, as well as micro- and nanosystems integration with all process technologies and equipment concentrated in a single research location, the "Technology Campus". Therefore, much technical instrumentation for the focused fundamental technologies is already available at the involved institutes.

The Smart Systems Campus (SSC) in Chemnitz, with its generous dimensions on a site measuring almost 4.5 hectares, brings together a number of renowned scientific and technical research centres, including the Fraunhofer Institute ENAS, the faculties of Electrical Engineering/Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering at the Technische Universität Chemnitz and the Centre for Microtechnologies. The TUC Institute of Physics, the Fraunhofer IWU and the ZIL are also in close proximity to the SSC.

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Technology Campus of TUC