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Forschungsgruppe Zugmittel und Tribologie
Forschungsgruppe KKT

Zustandsüberwachung in Ketten­förder­systemen (ZuKeF)


Condition Monitoring in Chain Conveyor Systems

The goal of the InnoTeam is to create a modular system for monitoring important parameters in a chain conveyor system. Each parameter is to be measured in an autonomous operating module, which is connected at suitable fixed position at the conveyer. The system quantities are continuously monitored during operation of the conveyor system. When crucial limit values ​​are exceeded, the user is alerted so that maintenance work can be planned efficiently and consequential damage or even system failure can be avoided. The continuous monitoring under difficult conditions is solved by means of innovative hardware and algorithms. The modular system should be inexpensive and easy to integrate into conveyor systems. The data should already be preprocessed in the respective measuring module, be finally processed by the central system control and be retrievable via a service for the plant operator and the system manufacturer. So the plant life can be controlled.



The InnoTeam ZuKeF is funded by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony from the resources of the European Social Fund.

Project Partner

Beyer Maschinenbau
Core Mountains

Project Term

01.09.2019 – 28.02.2022

Project Coordinator

TU Chemnitz / ifk / FTM