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Forschungsgruppe Regularisierung
Forschungsgruppe Regularisierung

Chemnitz Symposium on Inverse Problems 2016

September 22-23, 2016, TU Chemnitz

Our symposium brought together experts from the German and international 'Inverse Problems Community' and young scientists. The focus was on ill-posedness phenomena, regularization theory and practice and on the analytical, numerical and stochastic treatment of applied inverse problems from natural sciences, engineering and finance.

Conference Guide (PDF, 381 kB) with program, speakers, abstracts and participants

Sessions and chairs (PDF, 99 kB)

Scientific board:

Bernd Hofmann (Chemnitz, Germany)
Peter Mathé (Berlin, Germany)
Sergei V. Pereverzyev (Linz, Austria)
Masahiro Yamamoto (Tokyo, Japan)

Selection of invited speakers:

Bangti Jin (University College London, UK)
Lothar Reichel (Kent State University, USA)
Frank Werner (Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany)

Gruppenfoto Teilnehmer

List of participants:
Steven BürgerChemnitz, Germanyorganizing committee
Tram DoEssen, Germanywithout talk
Jens FlemmingChemnitz, Germanyorganizing committee
Dominik GarmatterFrankfurt, Germany 
Daniel GerthChemnitz, Germanyorganizing committee
Phil GrallaBremen, Germany 
Sybille Handrock-MeyerChemnitz, Germanywithout talk
Bernd HofmannChemnitz, Germanywithout talk, organizing committee
Christopher HofmannChemnitz, Germanywithout talk, organizing committee
Simon HubmerLinz, Austria 
Victoria HuttererLinz, Austria 
Bangti JinLondon, UK 
Barbara KaltenbacherKlagenfurt, Austria 
Esther KlannBerlin, Germany 
Andrej KlassenEssen, Germanywithout talk
Max KontakSiegen, Germany 
Remo KretschmannEssen, Germanywithout talk
Peter MathéBerlin, Germany 
Volker MichelSiegen, Germany 
Sergei V.~PereverzyevLinz, Austria 
Michael QuellmalzChemnitz, Germany 
Lothar ReichelKent, USA 
Arnd RöschEssen, Germany 
Abdeljalil SakatSafi, Morocco 
Maria-Astrid SchröterBerlin, Germanywithout talk
Ivan ShestakovOldenburg, Germany 
Pavlo TkachenkoLinz, Austria 
Dana UhligChemnitz, Germanywithout talk
Anne WaldSaarbrücken, Germany 
Frederic WeidlingGöttingen, Germany 
Frank WernerGöttingen, Germany 
Masahiro YamamotoTokyo, Japan