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Research Group Regularization



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Selected papers

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  • Y. Zhang, B. Hofmann:
    On Fractional asymptotical regularization of linear ill-posed problems in Hilbert spaces.
    Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis 22 (2019), 699-721.
  • E. Escoto, D. Gerth, B. Hofmann, G. Steinmeyer:
    Strategies for the characterization of partially coherent ultrashort pulses with dispersion scan.
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 36 (2019), 2092-2098.
  • R. Plato, B. Hofmann:
    A regularized variational inequality approach for nonlinear monotone ill-posed problems.
    Journal of Optimization Theory 182 (2019), 525-539.
  • W. Wang, S. Lu, B. Hofmann, J. Cheng:
    Tikhonov regularization with l0-term complementing a convex penalty: l1-convergence under sparsity constraints.
    Journal of Inverse and Ill-posed Problems 27 (2019), 575-590.
  • C. Hofmann, B. Hofmann, A. Pichler:
    Simultaneous identification of volatility and interest rate functions -- a two parameter regularization approach.
    Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis 51 (2019), 99-117.
  • M. Hinze, B. Hofmann, Tran Nhan Tam Quyen:
    A regularization approach for an inverse source problem in elliüptic systems from single Cauchy data.
    Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization 40 (2019), 1080-1112.
  • B. Hofmann, S. Kindermann, P. Mathé:
    Penalty-based smoothness conditions in convex variational regularization.
    Journal of Inverse and Ill-posed Problems 27 (2019), 283-300.
  • D. Gerth, E. Escoto, G. Steinmeyer, B. Hofmann:
    Regularized differential evolution for a blind phase retrieval problem in ultrashort laser pulse characteriztaion.
    Review of Scientific Instruments 90 (2019), 043116.
  • H. Egger, B. Hofmann:
    Tikhonov regularization in Hilbert scales under conditional stability assumptions.
    Inverse Problems 34 (2018),115015 (17pp).
  • D. Chen, B. Hofmann, J. Zou:
    Regularization and convergence for ill-posed backward evolution equations in Banach spaces.
    J. Differential Equations 265 (2018), 3533-3566.
  • J. Flemming, D. Gerth:
    Injectivity and weak*-to-weak continuity suffice for convergence rates in l^1-regularization.
    Journal of Inverse and Ill-posed Problems 26 (2018), 85-94.
  • R. Plato, P. Mathé, B. Hofmann:
    Optimal rates for Lavrentiev regularization with adjoint source conditions.
    Mathematics of Computation 87 (2018), 785-801.
  • B. Hofmann, P. Mathé:
    Tikhonov regularization with oversmoothing penalty for non-linear ill-posed problems in Hilbert scales.
    Inverse Problems 34 (2018), 015007 (14pp).
  • D. Gerth:
    Convergence rates for l1-regularization without the help of a variational inequality.
    Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis 47 (2017), 233-244.
  • D. Gerth, A. Hofinger, R. Ramlau:
    On the lifting of deterministic convergence rates for inverse problems with stochastic noise.
    Inverse Problems and Imaging 11 (2017), 663 - 687.
  • S. Bürger, P. Mathé:
    Discretized Lavrent'ev regularization for the autoconvolution equation.
    Applicable Analysis 96 (2017), 1618-1637.
  • D. Chen, B. Hofmann, J. Zou:
    Elastic-net regularization versus l1-regularization for linear inverse problems with quasi-sparse solutions.
    Inverse Problems 33 (2017), 015004 (17pp).
  • R. Bot, B. Hofmann:
    Conditional stability versus ill-posedness for operator equations with monotone operators in Hilbert space.
    Inverse Problems 32 (2016), 125003 (23pp).
  • B. Hofmann, B. Kaltenbacher, E. Resmerita:
    Lavrentiev's regularization method in Hilbert spaces revisited.
    Inverse Problems and Imaging 10 (2016), 741-764.
  • S. Bürger, J. Flemming, B. Hofmann:
    On complex-valued deautoconvolution of compactly supported functions with sparse Fourier representation.
    Inverse Problems 32 (2016), 104006 (12pp).
  • J. Flemming:
    Convergence rates for l1-regularization without injectivity-type assumptions.
    Inverse Problems 32 (2016), 095001 (19pp).
  • J. Flemming, B. Hofmann, I. Veselic:
    A unified approach to convergence rates for l1-regularization and lacking sparsity.
    Journal of Inverse and Ill-posed Problems 24 (2016), 139-148.
  • S.W. Anzengruber, S. Bürger, B. Hofmann, G.Steinmeyer:
    Variational regularization of complex deautoconvolution and phase retrieval in ultrashort laser pulse characterization.
    Inverse Problems 32, No.3 (2016), 035002 (27pp).
  • J. Flemming, B. Hofmann, I. Veselic:
    On l1- regularization in light of Nashed's ill-posedness concept.
    Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics 15 (2015), 279-289.
  • S. Bürger, J. Flemming:
    Deautoconvolution: A new decomposition approach versus TIGRA and local regularization.
    Journal of Inverse and Ill-posed Problems 23 (2015), 231-243.
  • B. Hofmann:
    On smoothness concepts in regularization for nonlinear inverse problems in Banach spaces.
    Chapter~8 in Mathematical and Computational Modeling: With Applications in Natural and Social Sciences,
    Engineering, and the Arts (Ed.: R.~Melnik).
    John Wiley, New Jersey 2015, pp.~192--221. ISBN 978-1-118-85398-6.
  • S. Birkholz, G. Steinmeyer, S. Koke, D. Gerth, S. Bürger, B. Hofmann:
    Phase retrieval via regularization in self-diffraction-based spectral interferometry.
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 32, No.5 (2015), 983-992.
  • S. Bürger, B. Hofmann:
    About a deficit in low-order convergence rates on the example of autoconvolution.
    Applicable Analysis 94, No.3 (2015), 477-493.
  • S.W. Anzengruber, B. Hofmann, P. Mathé:
    Regularization properties of the sequential discrepancy principle for Tikhonov regularization in Banach spaces.
    Applicable Analysis 93, No.7 (2014), 1382-1499.
  • J. Cheng, B. Hofmann, S. Lu:
    The index function and Tikhonov regularization for ill-posed problems.
    Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 265 (2014), 110-119.
  • D. Gerth, B. Hofmann, S. Birkholz, S. Koke, G. Steinmeyer:
    Regularization of an autoconvolution problem in ultrashort laser pulse characterization.
    Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering 22, No.2 (2014), 245-266.
  • J. Flemming:
    Regularization of autoconvolution and other ill-posed quadratic equations by decomposition.
    Journal of Inverse and Ill-posed Problems 22 (2014), 551-567.
  • S.W. Anzengruber, B. Hofmann, R.Ramlau:
    On the interplay of basis smoothness and specific range conditions occurring in sparsity regularization.
    Inverse Problems 29 (2013), 125002 (21pp).
  • U.Tautenhahn, U.Hämarik, B. Hofmann, Y.Shao:
    Conditional stability estimates for ill-posed PDE problems by using interpolation.
    Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization 34 (2013), 1370-1417.
  • M. Burger, J. Flemming, B.Hofmann:
    Convergence rates in l1-regularization if the sparsity assumption fails.
    Inverse Problems 29 (2013), 025013 (16pp).
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    The impact of a curious type of smoothness conditions on convergence rates in l1-regularization.
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    Regularizability of ill-posed problems and the modulus of continuity.
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    Variational smoothness assumptions in convergence rate theory - an overview.
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    Convergence rate analysis of Tikhonov regularization for nonlinear ill-posed problems with noisy operators.
    Inverse Problems 28 (2012), 104003 (20 pp).
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    Solution smoothness of ill-posed equations in Hilbert spaces: four concepts and their cross connections.
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    Parameter choice in Banach space regularization under variational inequalities.
    Inverse Problems 28 (2012), 104006 (17pp).
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    A note on the modulus of continuity for ill-posed problems in Hilbert space.
    Trudy Inst. Mat. i Mekh. UrO RAN 18, No.1 (2012), 34-41.
  • J. Flemming, B.Hofmann:
    Convergence rates in constrained Tikhonov regularization: equivalence of projected source conditions and variational inequalities.
    Inverse Problems 27 (2011), 085001 (11pp).
  • M. Hegland, B. Hofmann:
    Errors of regularisation under range inclusions using variable Hilbert scales.
    Inverse Problems and Imaging 5 (2011), 619-643.
  • J. Flemming, B.Hofmann, P.Mathé:
    Sharp converse results for the regularization error using distance functions.
    Inverse Problems 27 (2011), 025006 (18pp).
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    Theory and examples of variational regularization with non-metric fitting functionals.
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    On the degree of ill-posedness for linear problems with non-compact operators.
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    An extension of the variational approach for obtaining convergence rates in regularization of nonlinear ill-posed problems.
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    On the interplay of source conditions and variational inequalities for nonlinear ill-posed problems.
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    A new approach to source conditions in regularization with general residual term.
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    Estimation of linear functionals from indirect noisy data without knowledge of the noise level.
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