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Professur Anorganische Chemie
Andrea Preuß

M. Sc. Andrea Preuß




zum Thema "Design Übergangsmetallkomplex-basierter Chromophore für die Miniaturisierung mikroelektronischer Bauteile"



  1. Structural Aspects of Thermally Cleavable Adducts derived from the Reaction of Imidazoline Derivatives with various Isocyanates.
    A. Laue, A. Preuß, M. Heck, M. Martin, M. Binner, T. Rüffer, S. Anders, C. Werner, L. Kroll, H. Lang und S. Spange Synthesis 48 2016, 4431–4442.

  2. [Y(dbm)3(H2O)]: Synthesis, Thermal Behaviour and Spin-Coating Precursor for Y2O3 Layer Formation.
    E. Pousaneh, A. Preuß, K. Assim, J. Noll, A. Jakob, T. Rüffer, H. Lang, J. Rare Earth 2017, 35, 1248–1254

  3. Synthesis and thermal behavior of [Li(thf)3(μ-Cl)La{N(SiMe3)2}3] and its investigation as spin-coating precursor for lanthanum-based layer formation.
    A. Preuß, E. Pousaneh, J. Noll, T. Rüffer, A. Jakob, L. Mertens, M. Mehring, H. Lang J. Rare Earth 2018, 36, 537–543.

  4. Cobalt and manganese carboxylates for metal oxide thin film deposition by applying the atmospheric pressure combustion chemical vapour deposition process.
    B. S. M. Kretzschmar, K. Assim, A. Preuß, A. Heft, M. Korb, M. Pügner, T. Lampke, B. Grünler, H. Lang RSC Advances 2018, 8, 15632–15640.

  5. Crystal structure of (2-acetylferrocen-1-yl)boronic acid.
    A. Preuß, M. Korb, H. Lang Acta Cryst. 2019, E75, 268–271.

  6. Synthesis of Mg and Zn Diolates and their Use in Metal Oxide Deposition.
    P. Frenzel, A. Preuß, J. Bankwitz, C. Georgi, F. Ganss, L. Mertens, S. E. Schulz, O. Hellwig, M. Mehring, H. Lang RSC Advances 2019, 9, 10657–10669.

  7. Photosensitive Field-Effect Transistors Made from Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes and Non-Covalently Attached Gold Nanoparticles.
    T. Blaudeck, A. Preuß, S. Scharf, S. Notz, A. Kossmann, S. Hartmann, L. Kasper, R. G. Mendes, T. Gemming, S. Hermann, H. Lang, S. E. Schulz Phys. Status Solidi A 2019, 19000330.

  8. Ferrocenyl-substituted Naphthalenes: Preparation, Characterization and Charge Transfer Studies influenced by Substituents and Substitution Pattern.
    A. Preuß, M. Korb, D. Miesel, T. Rüffer, A. Hildebrandt, H. Lang Dalton Trans. 2019, 8, 14418–14432.

  9. Synthesis of β-Ketoiminato Copper(II) Complexes and their Use as Precursors in Copper-based Deposition.
    A. Preuß, M. Korb, T. Rüffer, J. Bankwitz, C. Georgi, A. Jakob, S. E. Schulz, H. Lang Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem., submitted.

  10. Ferrocenyl-Pyrenes, Ferrocenyl-9,10-Phenanthrenediones, and Ferrocenyl-9,10-Dimethoxyphenanthrenes: Charge Transfer Studies and SWCNT Functionalization.
    A. Preuß, S. Notz, E. Kovalski, M. Korb, T. Blaudeck, X. Hu, J. Schuster, D. Miesel, T. Rüffer, A. Hildebrandt, K. Schreiter, S. Spange, S. E. Schulz, H. Lang Chem. Eur. J. 10.1002/chem.201904450.

  11. Gold(I) Carboxylates and [Au(C(NH2)2(=S))2][SO3Me] for the Deposition of Gold and Gold-doped SiOx Materials by the Atmospheric Pressure Combustion CVD Process.
    A. Preuß, R. Ehnert, B. S. M. Kretzschmar, J. Noll, A. Heft, B. Grünler, H. Lang Inorg. Chim. Acta submitted.


  1. Manganese Half-Sandwiche Compounds as MOCVD Precursors for Manganes-based Thin-Films.
    A. Preuß, K. Assim, H. Lang, Joint EuroCVD - BalticALD, 11.-14.06.2017 Linköping, Schweden.

  2. Synthesis and Characterization of Ferrocenyl-substituted Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
    A. Preuß, M. Korb, D. Miesel, A. Hildebrandt, T. Blaudeck, S. E. Schulz, H. Lang, 16th Ferrocene Colloquium, 18.–20.02.2018 Berlin.


  1. Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles and their Linkage to CNTs.
    A. Preuß, S. Schulze, M. Hietschold, S. E. Schulz, H. Lang, 18. JCF-Frühjahrssymposium, 16.–19.03.2016, Kiel.

  2. Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Novel Ruthenium Precursors for MOCVD by a Single Source Approach.
    A. Preuß, J. Jeschke, T. Rüffer, H. Lang, 14. Mitteldeutsches Anorganiker-Nachwuchssymposium, 15.09.2016, Halle.

  3. Synthesis, Molecular Solid-State Structures and Electrochemical Behavior of Monoarylferrocenes.
    A. Preuß, M. Korb, D. Miesel, H. Lang, 15th Ferrocene Colloquium, 19.–21.02.2017 Mainz.