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Professur Anorganische Chemie
Elaheh Pousaneh

Elaheh Pousaneh

M. Sc. Elaheh Pousaneh

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Research Topic

Atomic layer deposition of Y2O3 on the surface of carbon nanotubes.


  1. Syntheses, Structures, and Catalytic Activity of Copper(II)-Aroylhydrazone Complexes.
    H. Hosseini-Monfared, E. Pousaneh, S. Sadighian, S.W. Ng, E.R.T. Tiekink, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 2013, 639, 435–442.

  2. Electrochemistry and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of CTAB Modulated Interactions of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Biomolecules D. Joseph, R. D. Rodriguez, A. Verma, E. Pousaneh, D. R. T. Zahn, H. Lang, S. Chandra
    RSC Advances 2016, 7, 3628–3634

  3. [Y(dbm)3(H2O)]: Synthesis, Thermal Behaviour and Spin-Coating Precursor for Y2O3 Layer Formation.
    E. Pousaneh, A. Preuß, K. Assim, J. Noll, A. Jakob, T. Rüffer, H. Lang, J. Rare Earth 2017, 35, 1248–1254

  4. Magnesium β-ketoiminates as CVD precursors for MgO formation.
    E. Pousaneh, T. Rüffer, K. Assim, V. Dzhagan, J. Noll, D. R. T. Zahn, L. Mertens, M. Mehring, S. E. Schulze, H. Lang, RSC Adv. 2018, 8, 19668–19678

  5. β-Ketoiminato-based Copper(II) Complexes as CVD Precursors for Copper and Copper Oxide Layer Formation.
    E. Pousaneh, M. Korb, V. Dzhagan, M. Weber, J. Noll, M. Mehring, D. R. T. Zahn, S. E. Schulz, H. Lang, Dalton Trans. 2018, 47, 10002–10016

  6. Tetranuclear Y and Gd 2-Acetylcyclopentanoate Clusters: Synthesis and Their Use as Spin-Coating Precursors for Metal Oxide Film Formation for Field-Effect Transistor Fabrication.
    E. Pousaneh, A. Preuβ, K. Assim, T. Rüffer, M. Korb, J. Tittmann-Ottob, S. Hermann, S. E.Schulz, H. Lang, J. Rare Earth 2018 im Druck

  7. Synthesis and Thermal Behavior of [Gd(dbm)3H2O] and its Use for Gd2O3 Layer Formation.
    E. Pousaneh, T. Rüffer, S. E. Schulz, H. Lang J. Rare Earth 2018 eingereicht

  8. Synthesis and thermal behavior of [Li(thf)3(μ-Cl)La{N(SiMe3)2}3] and its investigation as spin-coating precursor for lanthanum-based layer formation.
    A. Preuß, E. Pousaneh, J. Noll, T. Rüffer, A. Jakob, L. Mertens, M. Mehring, H. Lang J. Rare Earth 2018, 36, 537–543.

  9. Chemical Vapor Deposition of Iron β-Diketonates for Iron Oxide Formation.
    E. Pousaneh, M. Korb, K. Assim, T. Rüffer, V. Dzhagan, J. Noll, D. R. T. Zahn, S. E. Schulz, H. Lang Inorg. Chim. Acta. 2018 eingereicht


  1. Synthesis and Catalytic activity of Iron and Zirconium-Based metallacrown Complexes.
    E. Pousaneh, Sharif University, August 2012, Tehran.

  2. Synthesis and Characterization of single-crystalline Lanthanides-Zirconate and Hafnate pyrochlores for immobilization of Actinides.
    E. Pousaneh, Forschungszentrum, April 2013, Jülich.

  3. Precursor development and ALD deposition of high-k oxides on CNTs.
    D. Adner, E. Pousaneh, H. Lang, cfaed Research Festival, Dresden, March 19–20, 2014.

  4. Precursor development and ALD deposition of high-k oxides on CNTs. Doping and Functionalization of SWNT.
    E. Pousaneh, D. Adner, H. Lang, R. Schubel, R. Jordan, M. Stamm, cfaed Research Festival, Dresden, October 1, 2014.