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Career Service
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Prepare for your Job Interview

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 Für Studierende (TU Chemnitz)
 Für internationale Studierende
Zeit:09:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Trainer/-in:Julia Werner | Cindy Paukert
max. Teilnehmer:12
Ort:Career Service, Dittesstraße 15, 4. Etage, Raum 401

Job interviews make many applicants nervous. But with good preparation you don’t have to sweat during the interview. In this Workshop you can practice your self-presentation and join a role play as an applicant or a HR employee. You will also receive important information on the different stages during an interview, typical as well as critical questions, what to wear and how to prepare effectively.

Please bring a hard copy of your resume along with a job posting you are interested in.