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Exam Advanced Management of Data

Exam "Advanced Management of Data"

Attention: This information is only for those, who don't have "Advanced Management of Data" in their Studienordnung (module handbook). All other students have to register for the exam at the Central Examination Office as usual.

"Advanced Management of Data" may be a replacement for "Datenbanken und Objektorientierung". You can apply for this before the exam and register as usual. If you did not do this and were not able to register at the Central Examination Office, but took and passed the exam, please follow these steps:

  • make sure you passed the exam and get your mark from the OPAL course
  • visit the Student Service Forms website
  • download form "Antrag auf Fachsemestereinstufung/Anrechnung von Prüfungsleistungen"
  • fill in the correct semester (Wintersemester / Sommersemester), where you took the exam in Advanced Management of Data
  • fill in your surname (Name), forename (Vorname), date of birth (geb. am), matriculation number (Matr.-Nr. der TU Chemnitz) and study course (Abschluss Studiengang)
  • fill in the table as follows and add your mark (Note)

  • directly under this table fill in the date (Datum) and your signature (Unterschrift)
  • send the document to the Central Examination Office