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Chair of Communication Networks

Current Projects

  • AI-NET PROTECT (Celtic-Next / BMBF)
    • AI-supported Network Management for Multi-Layer (IP/optical) Networks
    • AI-supported Intrusion Detection and Mitigation
  • 6G-RIC (6G Research and Innovation Cluster) (BMBF)
    • 6G Network Planning and Design
    • AI-supported SMO
    • AI-supported Traffic Steering
    • Open Disaggregated Transport Network Architecture (6G Network Fabric)
    • 6G Network Fabric Control Plane
  • KliNet-5G (BMWK)
    • Design and Configuration of 5G Campus Networks for clinical Applications
  • Open5GpaceMaker (BMDV, InnoNT)
    • TSN over 5G Configuration and Management
  • 5G-4-Rail (BMBF, WIR)
    • 5G Mobile Communications for safety-relevant Railway Applications
    • Hybrid (private/public) 5G Mobile Communication System for Railway Applications
  • MNT-Pro (BSI)
    • AI/ML-based Security Solutions for Mobile Networks
  • RIOT (BSI)
    • Solutions for reliable IoT Systems based on LoRaWAN and NB-IoT
    • Solutions for secure and reliable Smart Meter Data Transmission