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Studierendenservice und Studienberatung

Application for guest student program

Guest students can be authorised to attend individual classes in accordance with Chemnitz University of Technology’s Registration Regulations. You are not required to hold a university entrance qualification to attend lectures as a guest student.

Visiting courses in the area of foreign language training is not possible within the scope of a guest student program. If interested, please contact the Foreign Language Center of Chemnitz University of Technology.

The guest student program ends automatically with the expiration of the semester. The guest student program has to be applied for each semester.

Guest students are required to pay a fee in order to attend classes. The current fee is 40,00 € per semester. No more than 18 hours of classes can be attended per week. However, you are not permitted to take part in examinations.

To enrol as a guest student, please complete the application form for guest students and send it by post to the Student Service. Once your application has been processed, we will send you a transfer form for the payment of your fees. You will receive your guest student identification card by post upon receipt of your payment in our account (generally five working days after the transfer).

You may attend your chosen classes once you have received your guest student identification card. You may be required to show your identification card in class.

For interested guest students, limited access to the services of the University Computer Centre can be activated. This includes the use of the campus network, email and web services such as Opal as well as Linux. If you would like to apply for a university account in addition to the attendance as a guest student, you can apply as a guest student and the university account in person at the Student Services. Payment of the guest student fee is made on site by EC or credit card. For the activation of the university account must be presented an officially valid identity card or passport (original).

Information for Refugees

Refugees in connection with the Ukraine conflict can apply for a remission of the guest student fee. The application for the remission of fees is to be indicated in the request for guest student program. A copy of the passport and a copy of the document of residence have to be handed in as proof.