Week 1

Sunday, Sept. 21

  • UTEP Welcome Cookout

Monday, Sept. 22

  • Official welcome by Prof. Daudistel (Dean of the College of Liberal Arts) and Prof. Pérez (Chair of the Department of Communication)
  • Campus tour by Mr. Beto López (Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement)
  • AAE Guest presentation by Dr. Klaus-Peter Schulz (TUC) and Dr. Andrea Fried (TUC) “Study and Research at Chemnitz University of Technology”
  • Official welcome by UTEP Student Government Association

Tuesday, Sept. 23

  • Lecture by Mr. Bobby Gutiérrez “The Political Economy of Hollywood Film”
  • Presentation by Prof. Frank Pérez “Hegemony & Civic Discourse: The Debate on Juan de Onate”
  • Moderated Discussion about U.S. American Journalism Market
  • Official welcome and presentation “Myths and realities associated with immigrants” by Mr. Fernando de la Mora Salcedo (Mexican Consul in El Paso)
  • Lectures by Prof. Richard Pineda and Assistent “Latina/o Political Communication” “Immigration in Kentucky”

Wednesday, Sept. 24

  • Visit of German Air Force Base and German School at Fort Bliss
  • Lecture by Prof. John Hadjimarcou “Emerging Market Firms and Small Business Internationalization”
  • Presentation by Mrs. Caroline Staub Garland “Advertising in an interactive digital area”
  • AAE Guest Lectures by Dr. Klaus-Peter Schulz (TUC) “Creating Understanding and Meaning across Cultures” and by Dr. Andrea Fried (TUC) “Communications about Size and Growth – System Differentiations of Young Companies from a Social System Theory Perspective”

Thursday, Sept. 25

  • Depart for Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • University of New Mexico (UNM), Domenici Center, Room #3010
  • Presentation by Mrs. Susann Rinderle “Chicano, Latino, Hispanic, Mexicano: What’s the difference?”
  • Visit of Albuquerque’s Old Town Historic District and Dinner

Friday, Sept. 26

  • Depart for Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Guided tour “Santa Fe’s Culture and Tourism” by Prof. Andrew Lovato (Director of International Programs at College of Santa Fe)
  • New Mexico History Museum housed in the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe
  • Lunch
  • Visit of San Felipe Pueblo
  • Return to El Paso

Saturday, Sept. 27

  • Alumni Tailgate Party
  • Football game at UTEP Sun Bowl Stadium (UTEP miners against UCF knights)

Week 2

Sunday, Sept. 28

  • Day on our own

Monday, Sept. 29

  • Lecture by Prof. Patricia Witherspoon “New Notions of Leadership”
  • Lecture by Prof. Thomas Ruggiero “History of the U.S. newspapers”
  • AAE guest presentation by Ms. Tina Obermeit (TUC) “Communication along the border – a language animation method”

Tuesday, Sept. 30

  • Leave for Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • Presentation by Prof. Anne Hubbell (New Mexico State University) “Justice in the workplace and its effects in deception and other antisocial behaviors”
  • Presentation by Prof. Chuck Kozel (New Mexico State University)”Agenda setting for healthy border 2010: practice and research implications for innovative health education advocacy policy formulation”
  • Lunch: Restaurant “La Posta” in Old Mesilla, Las Cruzes
  • Faculty meeting with Prof. Hadjimarcou (Marketing and Management Department Chair, College of Business Administration) and Prof. Pérez on prospective students exchange activities

Wednesday, Oct. 1

  • Lecture by Prof. Arvind Singhal “Social change and mind sets”
  • AAE Guest presentation by Ms. Karin Michaelis (TUC) and Ms. Susann Schönherr (TUC) “USA Presidential Elections and Candidate Coverage in the German Press”
  • Visit of El Paso Holocaust Museum by TUC students
  • Faculty meeting with Prof. Richard Pineda, Dr. Stacey Sowards and Prof. Pérez (all UTEP Department of Communication) on prospective AAE Summer School activities
  • Lecture by Prof. Arvind Singhal “Communication & Healthy Communities”
  • AAE Guest presentation by Dr. Klaus-Peter Schulz (TUC) and by Dr. Andrea Fried (TUC) “Retrospect & Prospectus AAE Summer Schools”

Thursday, Oct. 2

  • Visit of National Monument “White Sands”, New Mexico
  • AAE guest presentation by Ms. Tina Helke (TUC) and Mr. Martin Witschass (TUC) “Moving East: Future Challenges Related to the EU East Extension – The Czech Republic and Poland”
  • AAE guest presentation by Ms. Verena Winkler (TUC) and Ms. Janine Kästner (TUC) “The Labor Paradox in Germany – Skilled Worker Shortage vs. Unemployment”
  • AAE guest presentation by Ms. Kati Koschnick (TUC) and Ms. Kristin Rönsch (TUC) “Labor Migration and Its Economic and Social Consequences”

Friday, Oct. 3

  • AAE guest presentation by Ms. Skadi Berger (TUC) and Ms. Nora Däberitz (TUC) “Living with the Border – Border Problematics or Chance for Intercultural Understanding – the USA and Mexico”
  • AAE guest presentation by Mr. Michael Hergert (TUC) “Sports and Interculturality – The Unifying Character of Sporting Events”
  • Farewell dinner and awards assembly