Week 1

Sunday, Sept. 12

  • Arrival
  • Welcome snack

Monday, Sept. 13

  • Official welcome by professors and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Ludwig Gramlich
    Campus tour

Tuesday, Sept. 14

  • Dr Schulz, Mr Jentsch, Mr Guenther, Mr Schmieder: LEGO Serious Play
  • Dr Gerlach, Mr Merkel: Microblogging as a tool for cross-cultural communication
  • Prof. Sowards: Rare’s Conservation Campaigns in Indonesia, Mexico and China

Wednesday, Sept. 15

  • Ms Fink: Travelogue: Intercultural Understanding and Communication
  • Mr Mendelowitz: Intercultural Comparisons of Perceptions of Emotional Labour
  • Students’ presentations:
  • Martin Obst: Intercultural Organization and
  • Communication: Empirical Studies
  • South African Students

Thursday, Sept. 16

  • Class Project
  • Students’ presentations:
  • South African Students
  • Karsten Mahlberg: Anti-Apartheid literature
  • Daniele Radi: Intercultural Communication as
  • Organizational Discourse

Friday, Sept. 17

  • Mr Vajeth: Experiment: Experiencing Teamwork
  • Class Project

Saturday, Sept. 18

  • Weekend Trip to Prague

Sunday, Sept. 19

Week 2

Monday, Sept. 20

  • Trip to Berlin

Tuesday, Sept. 21

  • Field trip to Leipzig: The wind of change in Germany. Guided tour by Prof. Lang

Wednesday, Sept. 22

  • Field trip to Dresden: guided tour through Saxon parliament; discussions with politicians: political discourse on international influences in Saxony

Thursday, Sept. 23

  • Prof. Coldwell: Learning Organization Factors in Cross Cultural Conflict Management
  • Class Project


Friday, Sept. 24

  • Fraunhofer Electronic Nano Systems, guided tour by Dr Vogel
  • Farewell party

Saturday, Sept. 25

  • Departure