2nd Colloquium innoTRACInnovative Traction Mechanisms
Chemnitz University of Technology
22nd and 23rd September 2022
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Conference contributions

We look forward to your suggestions for lectures or scientific posters on the following topics:

  • Traction and load-bearing mechanisms in application and development
    • Fiber, wire and hybrid ropes
    • Toothed belts, belts and webbing straps
    • Chains made of plastic, steel round links and steel links
  • Drive systems for traction mechanisms
  • Test methods and rapid testing
  • Condition monitoring and operational data acquisition
  • Hybrid systems, recycling and tribology in relation to traction and suspension elements


Lectures can be held in German or English, the presentation slides should be in English. A lecture duration of 20 minutes and a subsequent discussion of approx. 5 minutes is planned. Please try to comply with these requirements and register your presentation by 27th May 2022. The long version (or short version with set of slides) must reach us by 31st July 2022 in order to be included in the conference proceedings.


In addition to the lecture program, you have the opportunity to present your topic in the form of a scientific poster, the content of which is also based on the above-mentioned focal points. Please submit your poster application by 27th May 2022 and the long version or short version with slides by 31st July 2022. Unfortunately, contributions arriving later can no longer be taken into account in the program design.

Notes for speakers and poster exhibitors

All contributions will be published in digital conference proceedings either as a long version or as an abridged version with presentation slides. For accepted scientific lectures or scientific posters, there is the possibility of open access publication of the long version in the newly created innotrac journal (ISSN 2701-3693). Upon request, these contributions can be evaluated in a peer review process.

  • The long versions should be 5 to 10 pages, but there is no page limit, color illustrations may be included.
  • Please design the long version using the prepared document templates.
  • All speakers whose lectures have been selected by the program committee are asked to support the moderation of the conference by completing the moderator sheet available in the download area with their personal details and sending it back to the organization team by e-mail by 31st August 2022,
  • The authors of lectures and posters are asked to write their presentation slides in English. Lectures can be held in German or English.
  • Please ensure that the deadlines for providing the required documents are met.

Advertisements in the proceedings

All innoTRAC participants will receive conference proceedings with the long versions of the presentations and posters. You can use a colored advertisement to draw attention to your company or institution. Fees can be found here, the deadline for submissions is 31st July 2022.

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