Welcome to the joint conferences

Computational Management Science
CMS 2019

and the 20th joint Czech-German-Slovak conference on

Mathematical Methods in Industry and Economics
MMEI 2019

Both conferences are held combined in 2019 at Chemnitz, University of Technology.
The focus is on computational management science with emphasis on risk management, valuation problems and measurement applications. This includes optimal risk control problems, stochastic optimization, robust and distributionally robust optimization methods as in the tradition of CMS conferences. Increasingly over the years the conference attracted scholars from different scientific communities and Euro working groups, ranging from the optimization to the statistical, econometrical and applied maths communities and touching several application domains, including finance, energy, supply chain management and logistic problems.

Date March 27 - 29, 2019
Time schedule
  • Wednesday: presentations, concert
  • Thursday: presentations, conference dinner
  • Friday: presentations
Scientific topics The conferences are devoted to all aspects of mathematics in industry and econonmics.
Invited speakers Amir Beck, Tel Aviv University
Yurii Nesterov, tbc, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Georg Ch. Pflug University of Vienna
Michel De Lara, Université Paris-Est
Huifu Xu, Southampton
Tomas Kroupa, Czech Academy of Sciences
David Wozabal, University of Munich
Scientific Committee
D. Kuhn (chair, Lausanne) P. Lachout (Praha) J. Žilinskas (Vilnius)
R. Henrion (Berlin) I. Melicherčík (Bratislava) S-E. Fleten (NTNU)
J. Outrata (Praha) O. Stein (KIT) A. Tomasgard (NTNU)
G. Pflug (Vienna) T. Harks (Augsburg) S. de Vries (Trier)
R. Schultz (Duisburg-Essen) R. Werner (Augsburg)
Important dates
Contributions Talks: 20 minutes (plus discussion, 5 minutes)
Conference fee
Registration*           2018           2019
Academics** incl. session organizers and speakers 270 EUR 350 EUR
Graduates/ PhD Students/ post-doc under 30 year-old** 150 EUR 200 EUR
Practicioners** 400 EUR 600 EUR
Accompanying person (lunch and social program) 60 EUR
Conference dinner 40 EUR

* Participants will receive an invoice after registration.
** Conference dinner not included.
*** A cancellation without any fees is possible, if abstract is not accepted.
Conference Site The conference takes place at Chemnitz, Reichenhainer Straße 70, Germany
Host institution: Faculty of Mathematics, Chemnitz, University of Technology
Local Organisation V. Shikhman, A. Pichler (chair), D. Uhlig, R. Schlotter, N. Goll, R. Unger, O. Wilfer, D. Müller, J. Hilber, K. Seidel
Contact cms-mmei@lists.tu-chemnitz.de