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We offer teaching with a personal touch that opens excellent job perspectives for our graduates. According to the ideal of unity of teaching and research our programs are based on internationally renowned research in mathematical foundations and applied mathematical fields. Math at TU Chemnitz: it's fun and it's useful.


04.08.2014 Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM), Linz, Österreich Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2014
Mehr ...
18.09.2014 Chemnitz Chemnitz Symposium on Inverse Problems 2014
The focus of our symposium will be on ill-posedness phenomena, regularization theory and practice and on the analytical, numerical and stochastic treatment of applied inverse problems from natural sciences, engineering and finance. Mehr ...
22.09.2014 Chemnitz 27th Chemnitz FEM Symposium
The symposium is devoted to all aspects of finite element methods in partial differential equations. Special topics are: Computational Mechanics/Plasticity, Finite Elements and Uncertainty Quantification, Eigenvalue Problems, Exascale Computing Mehr ...
22.09.2014 Reichenhainer Str. 39, Chemnitz Summer School on Applied Analysis 2014
The summer school is devoted to Applied Analysis. The courses, focusing on different aspects of Applied Analysis. It is meant for training of undergraduate students, Ph.D. students and young post-doc researchers Mehr ...

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Friendship that is worth it

Form Germany Scholarship to University Ball: Students are multilaterally supported by Society of Friends e.V. of Technische Universität Chemnitz ...

Applause, applause for great accomplishments

Standing ovations at the graduation ceremony on April 12, 2014 - many of the former students remembered with pleasure the time back - next Alumni Meeting is on May 30, 2015 ...

As scientist around the world

Dr. Stefan Takacs researches as part of the Erwin-Schrödinger-Fellowship for a year at the Professorship of Numerical Mathematics (Partial Differential Equations) ...

The love to mathematics

Numbers, formulas, equations: insights into the work of the research assistant Franziska Nestler at the Faculty of Mathematics ...

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