Minkowski Lecture

Monday, 14. September 2020, 9:00 Uhr

On the occasion of its 130th anniversary, the DMV will award for the first time the Minkowski Medal for outstanding mathematical research achievements. The first Minkowski Laureate is Prof. Dr. Moritz Kerz from the University of Regensburg. His field of research is arithmetic algebraic geometry and K-theory.

Quoting DMV President Friedrich Götze, chairman of the Minkowski medal selection jury: "Moritz Kerz has solved fundamental problems of mathematics. He has proven several conjectures from algebra, number theory and K-theory, which had remained unsolved for many years. The work of Moritz Kerz has caused a worldwide sensation and has fundamentally influenced mathematical research."

Moritz Kerz, born in 1983, is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Regensburg. Earlier stations in his mathematical career include the universities of Mainz, Duisburg-Essen and Cambridge (UK). For his work he has already received the Kulturpreis Bayern (2009), the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize (2011), the Carus Medal of Leopoldina (2011) and the K-Theory Prize of the K-Theory Foundation (2014). With the Minkowski Medal, the DMV wants to honour mathematicians who have already gained international recognition through outstanding work, but whose career is still largely ahead of them.

The Minkowski medal will be awarded during the opening ceremony at the DMV Jahrestagung on Monday, 14th of September, which will take place physically in Chemnitz. The ceremony will be made accessible to all participants of the Jahrestagung via video stream, and will be followed by a lecture by Prof. Kerz.