This routine changes the names of constraints in a CPLEX problem object. If this routine is performed on a problem object with no constraint names, default names are created before the change is made.

Return Value

The routine returns a zero on success, and a nonzero if an error occurs.


  int CPXchgrowname (CPXCENVptr env,
                     CPXLPptr lp,
                     int cnt,
                     const int *indices,
                     char **newname);


CPXCENVptr env

The pointer to the CPLEX environment as returned by CPXopenCPLEX().

CPXLPptr lp

A pointer to a CPLEX problem object as returned by CPXcreateprob().

int cnt

An integer that indicates the total number of constraint names to be changed, and thus specifies the length of the arrays indices and newname.

const int *indices

An array of length cnt containing the numerical indices of the constraints for which the names are to be changed.

char **newname

An array of length cnt containing the strings of the new constraint names for the constraints specified in indices.


  status = CPXchgrowname (env, lp, cnt, indices, values);

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