P☀PULAR – Printed & Stable Organic
Photovoltaics from Non-fullerene Acceptors


P☀PULAR kick-off meeting on 18th/19th July 2023 is over.
It will take place in the Physics building (address here, map here) in seminar room P031/033.

Program & Information:
  • Directions on campus [PDF]
  • Program/ Timetable (as PDF):
    tuesday 18.7.
    15:30Sandwiches and coffee
    16:30P1 Sommer → screencast
    17:00P2 Hübler
    unitl 18:00
    P3 Deibel & MacKenzie
    19:30Dinner at Wenzel - Prager Bierstuben with „impulse talks“ by PhD/PD students
    wednesday 19.7.
    09:00Tutorial/research talk René Janssen
    10:00P4 Shoaee & Neher
    10:30P5 Herzig
    11:00Coffee break and bilateral discussions
    11:30P6 Stoll/Pietschmann/Herzog
    12:00P7 Zahn
    12:30Lunch break at Mensa
    14:00Tutorial/research talk Thomas Kirchartz
    15:00Coffee break and bilateral discussions
    16:00P8 Vaynzof → screencast
    unitl 17:00
    P9 Brabec & Li
    17:00lab tours Deibel, Zahn, Hübler
    19:00Dinner at Turm-Brauhaus (bring your own money ;)


    That means, the project presentations incl discussion are up to 30 min. At this stage it probably makes sense to let the PIs present early results, planned tasks and specific ideas (or recap) for cooperation within P☀PULAR. In later meetings, we will (also) let our PhD/PD students present, and will have poster sessions.

  • Accomondation: Hotel "Chemnitzer Hof", Biendo Hotel
  • Public transport: CVAG
  • Railway: DB
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