P☀PULAR – Printed & Stable Organic
Photovoltaics from Non-fullerene Acceptors

2nd P☀PULAR meeting

2nd P☀PULAR meeting on 5th/6th February 2024.
The event will be held at the University of Potsdam (Golm campus), in the Physics and Astronomy building, Haus 28, in seminar room 2.066-2.067 (second floor).

Program & Information:
  • Directions on campus
  • Program/ Timetable:
    Monday 05.02.
    10:00Tutorial / research talk Morten Madsen
    11:00P1 Sommer
    11:30P2 Hübler
    12:00Lunch break, Mensa
    13:30P3 Deibel & MacKenzie
    14:00P4 Shoaee / Neher
    14:30Tutorial / research talk Morten Madsen
    09:40Coffee break and bilateral discussions
    16:00P5 Herzig
    16:30P6 Stoll/ Pietschmann/ Herzog
    17:00P7 Zahn
    17:30P9 Brabec & Li
    19:00Dinner at El Puerto (Potsdam)
    Tuesday 06.02.
    Discussion on stability (PIs only)
    11:00Lab tour (optional)
    12:00Lunch break, Mensa


    Each project presentation, including discussions, is allotted a maximum of 30 minutes. If you have any suggestions, comments, or other input, please don't hesitate to share them with me.

  • Accomondation:

    PIs, PhD students, and postdocs, kindly arrange your accommodation independently. As previously advised, handle any necessary bureaucracy through your home institution. The expenses for travel and accommodation (capped at 90 EUR per night) can be reimbursed through a "Rechnung" from TU Chemnitz. For inquiries, please reach out to Ivonne (cc).

    While accommodation options near Golm campus are limited, there are various choices in Potsdam city centre or close to a station. Here are a few recommendations:

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