TU Chemnitz

Forschergruppe Laboratory Astrophysics

2000 - 2006

FSU Jena

Research unit 388

Structure, dynamics and properties of molecules and grains in space

Sprecher: Prof. Dieter Gerlich, TU Chemnitz


Final report (Jan 2007)

Projects 2003 -2006
Projects 2000 -2003
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Aim (2000)


Special book
(in preparation)

From 2000 to 2006 the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft has supported the Forschergruppe Laboratory Astrophysics: Structure, Dynamics and Properties of Molecules and Grains in Space, briefly called FGLA.


Laboratory astrophysics and astrochemistry belongs to an interdisciplinary research area covering the physics and chemistry of molecules, clusters, nanoparticles, and grains under the conditions of interstellar space, ranging from low temperature and low density molecular clouds to hot environments of stars. It was our aim to study the microphysics which control the formation and destruction of interstellar matter and to use the results for understanding observational facts and for predicting new astrophysical features.


The final report (Jan. 2007) reveals that the theoretical and experimental projects have made major contributions to the field of laboratory astrophysics and ‑chemistry: worldwide, the FGLA has become an attractive center in its field.


We thank our universities and institutions for their help and especially the DFG for the generous financial support.

D. Gerlich 05.12.2008