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Centre for Young Scientists
Centre for Young Scientists


The existing training programme for doctoral students is extended by the English workshop programme from InProTUC and therefor aiming especially at international students. The seminars offered by the project improve specifically international research skills and prepare doctoral students for working in the international science community.

Training Program Summer term 2019:

  • Innovative Writing - How to Compile Scientific Papers
  • Small Talk - Successfully Networking in an International Context

Mentoring Programme for international doctoral students

The InProTUC Mentoring Programme offers international PhD candidates additional support in pursuing the doctorate and enables a mutual learning process between mentors and mentees.

Throughout the project, international doctoral candidates are brought together with another, with Post-Docs or with scientific assistants from the TU Chemnitz. The programme aims to support the integration of international doctoral candidates and to promote cross-border networking within young academics from TU Chemnitz. Mentors develop counseling and leadership skills and support mentees in seeing their own dissertation project with different eyes. Both get important imput for their own further development.

If you just arrived Chemnitz from abroad to start your doctorate at the TU Chemnitz, become a mentee! If on the other hand you have been living in Chemnitz for a while now, have already solved some mysteries about German academia and want to share you wisdom, become a mentor!

To participate in the programme send a short email to antje.pfeifer@... Please include the faculty at which you did or currently are doing your PhD. In case you have specific ideas regarding your mentor mentee please list those as well.


InProTUC Mentoring Programme

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