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Conference report on the BMBF-funded futureTEX project PROFUND


In August, the Chair of Business Informatics I was able to present exciting results from the futureTEX project PROFUND (grant number: 03ZZ0618C) funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on an international stage. Sarah Hönigsberg attended the conference “Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management” (AOM) from 09.08.19 to 13.08.19 in Boston, USA. Research results on a method that helps small and medium-sized enterprises with the digital transformation in value co-creation were presented in a “Doctoral Consortium”. The paper will as well be presented at the “International Conference on Information Systems” (ICIS) in Munich in December 2019.




At the “Americas Conference on Information Systems” (AMCIS) from 13.08.19 to 18.08.19 in Cancún, Mexico, the authors Sarah Hönigsberg and Prof. Dr. Barbara Dinter were able to present another research result from the project to an international audience with the article “Network Value Co-Creation Goes Digital – a Case Study“. The article shows how companies should adapt their processes in value creation networks to enable value co-creation and what role IT can play in this. Results from the PROFUND project were presented and new impulses for further research activities in the project were collected.