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Professur Wirtschaftsinformatik I

EESTech Challenge 2018 @ Chemnitz University of Technology

The professorship of Business Information Systems I supports this year’s EESTech Challenge, which focuses on big data analytics. The local round of the competition is organized by the EESTech Observer Chemnitz. The winner team is invited to the final round, which takes place in Novi Sad, Serbia in May 2018.

The hackathon challenge focuses on working with large amounts of data and related technologies. There are several tasks to be solved that are related to climate change.



Preregistration required! Register until March 24th (extended) at

Event Date April 7th 2018
Location TBA
Start time 10 AM
End time 09 PM

More details about the event:
Facebook link for Chemnitz local round:

Academic sponsor:
Infrastructure sponsor:
Logistic sponsor: FSR – Informatik