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Master Finance (M.Sc.)
English and German content

Language skills / medium of teaching

Basically, our master program is taught in German language!

If German is not your mother tongue, consider necessary German certificates for admission of students from abroad.

English improvement

In every economic process, English skills are elementary. To improve English skills and become acquaint with the financial terms, we offer at least one economic course in English. Some mathematical courses may be taught in English as well. Beside the lectures, some of our basic texts for the classes are in English. The students have to understand the content of these texts for their exams. However, the language of the exam depends on the language of the lecture.
Our term paper and the master thesis can be written in German or English. It is free to the students to choose their favorite language.

English-German content range

If the students choose to write their papers in English and take the classes held in English it is easy for them to comprise 40 % of their master in English.
In the exceptional case it is possible to get the master program done without any Credits acquired in English. So the Master of Finance offers a range of English content from 0 - 40 %.

Information abbout the Admission of students from abroad are here.