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International Office of the Faculty
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Course name   Topics in Fiscal Policy
Lecturer, Professorship   Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Breuer, Bianka Mey M. Sc.
Junior Professorship for European Economics
Term   Winter
Course level   Graduate (Master)
CP (ECTS)   5
Course description  

The topic of fiscal policy, i.e. government activities that influence macroeconomic conditions, has gained back a central role in recent economic discussions. For countries that face economic stagnancy, fiscal policies, e.g., tax cuts or increased government spending, are considered as vital tools to recover from economic slump. However, many countries today – particularly in the Eurozone – struggle with increasing levels of public debt and the European fiscal rules require large-scale fiscal consolidations, rather than expansionary fiscal policies.

Seminar participants learn about the most relevant scientific work in the field and discuss the role of fiscal policies against the background of the financial and economic crisis. Students start individually on the basis of one scientific paper (provided by the lecturer) and present its basic concepts and findings. In addition, participants review the relevant literature to outline related empirical or theoretical work in the field.

Requirements: The grade will be determined on the basis of a term paper (12 to 15 pages). We expect participants to discuss their progress at least once with the seminar advisor. Macroeconomic knowledge is required; basic econometric knowledge is an advantage.

Sign-up procedure   Write an email to  bianka.mey@... (Deadline: 14.10.2016).

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