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International Office of the Faculty
International Office of the Faculty
Courses offered in English Language
Course Name   Money and Credit
Lecturer, Professorship   Prof. Dr. Jochen Hartwig, Professorship of Economic Policy
Term   Summer
Course level   Graduate (Master)
CP (ECTS)   5
Course description  

The lecture will be held in German language. But for our international students Prof. Dr. Hartwig prepared slides in English so you can prepare yourself for the final exam. Furthermore you have the possibility to write the exam in English even if the questions are asked in German.

The course is focusing on the following topics:
I. What is monetary policy and how does it affect the economy?
II. What is inflation?
III. Why are financial markets key to understanding monetary policy?
IV. How is the interest rate measured?
V. What is the real interest rate and why is it relevant for economic decisions?

Further information on the course   See website of the Professorship.
Sign-up procedure   Please contact Prof. Dr. Hartwig.

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