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International Office of the Faculty
International Office of the Faculty
Courses offered in English Language
Course name   Modern Organization Theory (Seminar)
Lecturer, Professorship  

Prof. Suleika Bort, Markus Tümpel, Pia Cardone
Organisation und Internationales Management

Term   Winter
Course level   Graduate (Master)
CP (ECTS)   5
Course description  

Date: Friday, 10/12/2018, 09.00-17.00 (bloc seminar)

The seminar will be held in English and offers a selection of contemporary approaches to effects and facets that are often marginalized within the field of organization studies. On the other hand, some of the readings are marginalized ‘in itself’, as the approaches represent a rather critical perspective. Students are asked to comment the basic texts in a detailed and critically manner and to challenge them with findings from further studies. Moreover each group has to integrate at least one example (e.g., a case study) in order to reflect and apply the theoretical input. The exemplary case can be introduced in a spoken, written, audio or video format or can be performed as role-play.

Requirements: The texts provided by the lecturer have to be read and discussed on a regular basis by all participants. In preparation of your presentation an obligatory consultation of each group has to be appointed and realized latest one week in advance.

Weighting 1: Individual presentation (15 min each group member) in three- or four-party groups including the case study; plus 10 min of discussion with supervisor and course members, overall participation and performance in plenum discussions.
Weighting 2: Term paper, word count: 6.000-8.000

Further information on the course  

Individual presentation in groups of 3-4 students (15 min each group member plus 10 min group discussion), co-presentation for each group (5 min); overall participation and performance in plenum discussions.


 Barley, Stephen R.; Kunda, Gideon (2001): Bringing work back in. In: Organization science 12 (1), S. 76–95.
Freeman, Jo (2013 [1970]): The tyranny of structurelessness. In: Women's Studies Quarterly 41 (3/4), S. 231–246.
Jaumier, Stéphane (2017): Preventing chiefs from being chiefs: An ethnography of a co-operative sheet-metal factory. In: Organization 24 (2), S. 218–239.
Rothschild-Whitt, Joyce (1979): The Collectivist Organization: An Alternative to Rational-Bureaucratic Models. In: American Sociological Review 44 (4), S. 509–527.
Schoeneborn, Dennis; Vásquez, C. (2017): Communication as constitutive of organization. In: Scott, Craig R.  et al. (Ed.): The international encyclopedia of organizational communication

Sign-up procedure  

Please contact Mr. Markus Tümpel.

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