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Course name   Modern Organization Theory (Seminar)
Lecturer, Professorship  

n.n., Pia Tracksdorf, Petra Froß, Organization Studies

Term   Winter
Course level   Graduate (Master)
CP (ECTS)   5
Course description  

The seminar will be held twice and will be similar in content.
You can only participate in one class!


Contents: Within the seminar students are requested to intensively deal with selected issues of contemporary organizations or organization research. The goal of the seminar is to offer a systematic overview of organizational research in the field addressed and to reflect critically recent research findings and limitations.


Prerequisites: Basics in modern organization theory


Requirements: The basic text serves as required reading for all students prior to the beginning of the seminar. In preparation of your presentation an obligatory consultation of each group with the supervisor of your topic has to be appointed and realized latest one week in advance.


Exam: Individual presentation (20 min each group member plus 10 min group discussion) in two- or three-party groups with interactive elements; Handout (maximum 2 pages), overall participation and performance in plenum discussions. Term-paper with regard to presentation topic (word count: 6.000-8.000 per person including directories, exclusive appendix).

Further information on the course   See website of the Professorship.
Sign-up procedure  

To be announced, please contact the Professorship.

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