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International Office of the Faculty
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Course name   Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Lecturer, Professorship   Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mario Geißler,
Juniorprofessorship for Entrepreneurship
Term   Winter and summer
Course level   Undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master)
CP (ECTS)   5
Course description   The identification, evaluation and exploitation of business opportunities constitute the core of entrepreneurship. Amazon, Ebay, Google or Facebook are only some examples of companies founded on the basis of path breaking business opportunities and contributing to economic growth and the diffusion of a wide range of innovations. All these examples have one thing in common: a passionate individual or a team convinced of their idea. But is there a typical entrepreneur? What is the role of the entrepreneur within the entrepreneurial process? What are the major drivers of entrepreneurship? What is an entrepreneurial opportunity? How could we get an idea to the market? How can we design the respective business model?

The seminar will introduce you to basic concepts and models of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial opportunities and business model design. Students attending the course will individually elaborate a specific topic, present their work to the group and discuss their learning on the basis of their individual cultural and regional background.

Sign-up procedure   Write an email to the lecturer.

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