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Course name   Economy and Society - focusing on social change
Lecturer, Professorship   Dr. Martin Albert; Dipl.-Soz. Jan-Peter Schmitten,
Professorship for Innovation Research and Sustainable Resource Management
Term   Summer
Course level   Undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master)
CP (ECTS)   6
Course description  

This seminar deals with sustainability, innovation and related changes for individuals and their relationships (micro level), institutions (meso level), and social subsystems (macro level) in a global context. We want to explain empirical phenomena (change through sustainability) on these three levels through different theoretical approaches. The underlying question is “How does sustainability change our daily life?”. We want to discuss these changes based on different cultural contexts.

The aim of the seminar is to provide its participants the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of different aspects of sustainability and the context of change through innovation. We also want to strengthen basic scientific skills, like analysing empirical phenomena, applying different theories on empirical phenomena, reflecting own and other person’s thoughts, presenting conceptualizations clear and stringent in oral and written form. The seminar will be held in English and the seminar paper will be written in English as well.

Prerequisites   -
Further information on the course   -
Sign-up procedure  

Write an email to Mr. Martin Albert (martin.albert@...).

The deadline for application ends on 4th April 2018.
The opening session is expected to take place in the 15th calendar week 2018.

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