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International Office of the Faculty
Courses offered in English Language
Course name   Business Planning and Management of New Ventures
Lecturer, Professorship   Marion Neumann, Joseph Stephens, Susanne Schübel, Jana Mitschke, Markus Braun, SAXEED Center for Entrepreneurship
Term   Summer
Course level   Undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master)
CP (ECTS)   3
Course description  

The lecture deals with entrepreneurial topics such as writing a business plan and identifying and evaluating of business ideas. First steps of founding a company are discussed and examples are given.

The lecture is held in German, but the slides will be in German and English and it is possible to write the exam at the end in English as well. Furthermore, you will get materials in English which you can download after you are registered.

Further Information on the course  
Osterwalder, A.; Pigneur, Y. (2010): Business model generation. A handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. Hoboken
Bygrave, W. (2010): The portable MBA in Entrepreneurship. 4. ed. Hoboken NJ.
Kuratko, D. F. (2009): Entrepreneurship. Theory, process, practice. 8th ed. Mason Ohio
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