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ZfSG - Zentrum für Sport und Gesundheitsförderung
ZFG - The Gym

ZFG - Centre for Fitness and Health


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New offer at ZFG - Fit 50/Fit 100
The ZFG has added 2 new courses - Fit 50 and Fit 100. These courses offer a 6-month or 12-month accompanied training. After a thorough initial examination, we will create an individual training schedule for each participant. Training success will be monitored by intermediate and final tests. Our trainers will document all sessions, as well as the evaluation of the test results. Therefore, the training can be customized or adjusted at any time.
Booking of ZFG equipment and weight training

If you're interested in one of our programs, please book individually online - it's not possible to book on-site at the ZFG or the gym. Furthermore, we'd like to advise you that you may begin your training one day after booking online due to insurance reasons. Please consider this policy for future bookings and contract extensions.


Health Insurance ‘Bonushefte’
You can get your voucher booklet stamped (confirmation of course attendance) at the ZFG - Centre for Fitness and Health (Reichenhainer Str. 31-33, 09126 Chemnitz).
Please hand in your voucher booklet and the confirmation of course attendance at the ZfSG front desk. You can pick up your voucher booklet 2 weeks later.