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Events / Competitions


Once a year the Campus-Sports-Festival takes place on the sports grounds of the TU Chemnitz.

All students and staff have the opportunity to compete in creative and fun games.  You can participate in a team or experience this event as a spectator.

Impressions of 2014:

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The setting:
Sports ground of the Technische Universität Chemnitz
Thüringer Weg 11
09126 Chemnitz


The university’s sports competitions take place within as well as outside of the university (student leagues to German university championships or international competitions). In the process, we focus on expanding competitive activities at our university and in Saxony.

Attention! If you want to participate in one of the competitions, you must register in person with the University Sport Management no later than one week prior to the deadline dates stated in the announcement. Later entries can no longer be considered or accepted.

We would be delighted if you would use the online registration option. This allows us to plan optimally based on the expected number of participants. Advertisements are posted in the Institute or may be viewed on the corresponding web pages. Registration takes place via the Institute of Human Movement Science and Health-University Sport. If you are interested, please contact the University Sport management directly for the information needed.

Due to recent events we expressly advise you to read the regulations for insurance coverage (in german) for participation in competitions.



Running Against Cancer is an event that aims to inform about the disease of cancer and collect donations for those affected. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to participate at this event. The only thing you have to do – run.

The procedure is such that each participant runs as many laps as he/she can and wants to. There is no fixed entry fee, but rather each participant decides for him/herself how much to donate. Each runner will find him/herself a sponsor, who agrees to make a contribution based on how many laps are run during the event. It is also possible to make a direct donation of a predetermined amount.

Once a year, the project takes place both in Leipzig and in Chemnitz.


Impressions of 2014: