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ZfSG - Zentrum für Sport und Gesundheitsförderung


For a while the TU Chemnitz takes a closer look at the topic of university health management that is now a part of a project with a term of three years with the beginning on June, 1. in 2018.

Several measures are already noticeable thanks to an  active  health and safety protection at the workplace, an operational management of incorporation, the day of health and the courses of workplace health promotion that is part of the programm for many years.

The previous effort received a successful assessment within the framework of the Corporate Health Award and the awarding of the TU Chemnitz with a cluster of excellence in this year.

But health management is even more and it`s only possible to put it into practice if we are able to understand you in the function of the target group even better.  

Kristin Röhr, interim manager of the centre for sports and health management, carries out an inventory of the health status of the employees, in corporation with the professional expertise of a self-grounded control circuit on behalf of the university management.

For the survey there will be used a specific questionnaire of the university of Bielefeld that was especially developed for universities with the topic of burdens and resources at the work place in the fields of science, technology and administration.

The evaluation following the survey period should help you to improve your health for the medium- term and long-term.

The anonymous results will be available for the TU Chemnitz approximately four weeks after the conclusion of the survey period.

These results are then hosted to all employees of the faculties, central organizations and the central administration.

The results should be used to join in the discussion in joint appointments with interested and engaged employees and to give them a share on the way to a healthy organization.





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