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Health Courses for Students

Health Courses for Students

Active studying, studying moves!


The German university sports federation (adh) and the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) have grounded the initiative „Active studying, studying moves“. As a member university in the German university sports federation the TU Chemnitz participates in this project.

A break with movement during lectures and seminars is offered by the Centre for sports and health promotion for students (and lecturers) to organize a more active student life.

Trained instructors attend your lecture or seminar after about half the time on request. Under professional guidance all students can take action with a short exercise programme (5 to 8 minutes) and recharge one´s batteries for the further lecture/ seminar time.

You are a lecturer and want to take advantage of the offer for your lectures and seminars? Just get in touch with us and we will find a way to an active break in your lecture or seminar!

You are a student of the TU Chemnitz and you don`t get much left on the chair at the end of your lectures? You think your fellow students feel the same way and a short, active break would keep you fit untill the end of your lecture? Just talk to your lecturer about the possibilities of an active break in the context ofActive studying, studying moves“!

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