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Partner University of Elite Sports

Partner University of Elite Sports


Since July 3, 2002, the University of Chemnitz has been in cooperation with the Olympic Training Centre of Chemnitz/Dresden and the Association of German Universities to promote elite sports in combination with Olympic ideals in Chemnitz. 
Top athletic performances require an extraordinary time effort and are performed at a time in one’s life where you lay the foundation of your future professional career. It is therefore the duty of our university to optimize the studies and exams of top athletes in order for them to be able to complete their course of study in a timely manner without losing any exam content. 

Goal of the Cooperation 

This agreement serves to ensure the top athletes at our university a sports career alongside an academic education and tries to avoid disadvantages during their studies due to sports involvement. Furthermore, the program includes specific support methods for athletes to facilitate the planning and execution of their studies.


With this agreement we can support members of the A, B and C squads of a top association. The athletes commit to the following contributions:

  • Planning their academic studies carefully and preparing for exams
  • Competing in championships on behalf of the university
  • Providing regular updates about their sports achievements 
  • Representing the university when their time allows
  • Post studies - helping with consulting current top athlete students
  • University Services

The university provides the following services during the course of study:

  •  Allocation of student advisors to support students with possible questions or conflicts throughout their studies
  • Flexibility of schedule and course planning during the individual terms and throughout the entire course of study. Therefore, the planning follows specific sports conditions and prerequisites, as well as the training and competition schedule of the athlete and their national sports association.

We offer the following support for our top athletes:

  • Semester on leave of absence to take part in a championship
  • Flexibility when it comes to course attendance and the possibility to make up for absences on grounds of sports involvement
  •  Individual submission and exam dates, possible modification of exam periods and duration of studies
  • Use of university sports facilities (ZFG, gym, sports grounds) free of charge
  • Special consideration of athletes at distribution of student residences by the student union

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