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University Sports
University Sports


Dear members of the Technische Universität Chemnitz


Exercise, games and sports make an important contribution to active recreation and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and provide an important element of communication and active leisure at the TU Chemnitz.

The University Sports program includes a wide range of courses and services, intended to motivate as many members as possible to participate. We would like to especially draw attention to the “Zentrum für Fitness und Gesundheit”, which offers very good facilities for health-oriented sports. Besides a number of fitness and health sports courses, here we provide modern equipment for strength and endurance training which are supervised by qualified personnel. The ZFG particularly wants to address its offerings to sports beginners.

In addition to group and health-oriented exercise, university championships in several particular types of sports offer the possibility to compete against other universities.

The Institute of Human Movement Science and Health with its University Sport team wishes all those involved in sports at the TU Chemnitz much joy and success in the many different athletic activities offered by University Sport.



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