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ZfSG - Zentrum für Sport und Gesundheitsförderung



Currently the CfSH committee consists of the following:

Nine university teachers or academic employees that each belong to one faculty and the Centre for Teacher Training at the University of Chemnitz:

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl (Vorsitzender), Vice President for Academic and International Affairs

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences 

Mr Prof. Dr. Robert Magerle

  • Faculty of Mathematics 

Mr David Müller

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 
Mr Dr. Stefan Schwanitz
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 
Mr Dr. Jens Teuscher
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences 
Mr Prof. Dr. Guido Brunnett
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences          

Mr Prof. Dr. Friedrich Thießen

  • Faculty of Philosophy 
Mr Prof. Dr. Matthias Niedobitek 
  • Faculty of Human and Social Sciences 
Mr Prof. Dr. Christian Maiwald
  • Centre for Teacher Training 
Ms Jun.-Prof. Meike Breuer


Three Student Representatives

- Herr Kevin Nagy, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
- Herr Noah Augustin, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
- N.N.


Three Employee Representatives 

- Ms Marion Gruss, Department of Human Resources, department head of department 2.2 
- Ms Corina Tausch, Department of Budget and Economy, employee of department 3.2
- Mr Marko Büchel, Dep. of Civil Engineering & Technology, employee of department 5.3 - technical building management


Advisory Members

- Dr. Dr. Nico Nitzsche, Professorship of Sports Medicine/ Sports Biology, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
- Ms Kristin Röhr, Director of CfSH





Gesamtzugriffe: 2681, davon TU Chemnitz: 193

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