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Access to the Campus network from outside or from home

Are you away on a business trip and need to access databases and online journals at the University library?

Or are you visiting another university and need access to the campus network of TU Chemnitz from there?

Would you like to work from home?

In all these cases there are several possibilities to connect to the campus network of TU Chemnitz:

You may access the campus network wherever you are, if you you have a working Internet access. Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) your computer establishes a secure connection to the campus network at TU Chemnitz. So you work like your computer is directly connected to TU Chemnitz.

If you're visiting a scientific institution you may use the WiFi network of this institution via eduroam With eduroam you get Internet access using your login and password of TU Chemnitz. In case you need access to internal resources of TU Chemnitz you may use an additional VPN connection to the campus network of TU Chemnitz.

Scientific institutions taking part on the eduroam project: