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Saxon-Czech University Initiative

As a part of the foundation of the Saxon-Czech University Initiative, the Saxon-Czech Special Library (Sächsisch-Tschechische Fachbibliothek STFB) was created at Chemnitz University of Technology in 2003.
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The purpose of this special library is to promote the cross-border scientific collaboration between the Czech Republic and Saxony.

Since 2009, the Saxon-Czech Special Library has been supported by The European Fund for Regional Development within the framework of the Ziel3-Programm Sachsen/Tschechien.(Objective 3 Saxony/Czech Republic): Promotion of the cooperation between the regions.

The collection of the Saxon-Czech Special Library is accessible via the library catalog of the Chemnitz University of Technology.
TIPP: If you choose "Regalstandort" in the field "Index" and type in STHZ in the field "Suchbegriff(e)" (or if you combine your search term(s) with this formal search under "Erweiterte Suche"), you will receive all items which have been purchased for the Saxon-Czech Special Library.

Apart from that, you will find an inventory of all items at

[LINK: Media inventory of the STFB
     Last Update: 06.08.2011, 19:01:32 (ohne "Uhr")
Please note: The items appear on the list in the order that they become available for library users so that the newest acquisitions are listed first. By clicking the barcode links, you access the title of the particular item in the catalog of the library of the Chemnitz University of Technology]

The collection of the Saxon-Czech Special Library is predominantly available at the Campusbibliothek I and Campusbibliothek II. They are filed according to their shelf mark, and they are additionally labelled with the STHZ logo on the spine.


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